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Meet Our Agents


Joycelyn Lee



Tel: 678.791.8300

Joycelyn Lee has years of successful experience in Corporate Management and Leadership, earning numerous awards and commendations. She retired from government employment as an Executive Area Manager after a tenure of thirty years with exemplary service. Her experience in the field of Real Estate spans over 28 years; initially as a real estate investor, agent, and broker, wherein she attained transaction performance exceeding five million dollars. 



_Lewis Franklin - Headshot-1.jpg

Lewis Franklin




Tel: 678.536.3354

Mr. Franklin has been a Realtor for 17 years, starting his Real Estate career in the South Florida area. He is a market strategist and uses his knowledge and expertise in Home Sells & Home Listings. He has a long record in acquisitions and an array of exemplary Customer Service clients. Mr. Franklin's motto is that his diligence and commitment to his clients and customers is displayed throughout all transaction from the start to the closing table. In addition to his Real Estate, Mr. Lewis is involved in his community, serves as deacon in his church,  married for forty five years to his beautiful wife and is the proud father of four beautiful adult daughters.

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Renae Patterson


Renae L. Patterson is a Licensed Realtor in the state of Florida and Project Management Professional (PMP).  Renae has many years of experience as a Real Estate Professional.  And, have demonstrated a commitment to her clients above and beyond standards.  She has been a member of Florida Passion Realty, LLC since its inception, and is currently the top-selling Realtor in the South Florida market.

Renae, a native of Miami, FL and is proud to be a "Hurricane" graduate from the University of Miami!  Her exemplary service has proved vital to helping people make their "Real Estate Dreams Reality!"



Tel: 786.269.9334

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 12.51.51
Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 12.01.18

Dee Warthen




Tel: 470.633.6605

Eugene Barkley




Tel: 678.887.5580

Dee Warthen comes with over 35 years of dedicated and compassionate Customer Service and Client Satisfaction experience in the travel and hospitality industry. Having a natural passion for people, being a person of service, and offering her skills of assistance are woven into her tapestry. With being part of the Georgia Passion Realty team, Dee proves a practical approach and genuine interest for bottom-line results (often, miraculously, all at the same time), in which she maintains her daily philosophy of, “How can I help YOU!”

Eugene Barkley is a full-time Realtor, with Georgia Passion Realty, and has been a Realtor since 2012.  In June of 2015, he became a Licensed Broker.  Eugene was born and raised here in Georgia.  Being a Customer Service oriented Realtor, Eugene has a knack to ease, with his professional and personable working style, and confident in his ability to represent your best interests through the Real Estate transaction.  He continually upgrades his education & knowledge.  Whether navigating the way for first-timers, trying to score that perfect distressed property, or providing help in the luxury market, he has expertly encountered it all.


Barbara Paxton

Felicia Franklin Warner




Tel: 404.831.1002




Tel: 404.596.8504

Mrs. Paxton is the "Agent" that cares! She believes in building relationships rather than, Listing and Selling Homes. She is very patient and kind, trustworthy, and a notable specialist in Real Estate sales, wherein she also has more than 10 years of exemplary customer service successes.

Mrs. Paxton has equally represented client Sellers, Buyers, Investors.  And, her dedication shows within every detail of Real Estate transactions.  

While Felicia Franklin Warner is fairly new to the Real Estate industry, she is true to building community, serving as a County Commissioner, which has inspired her to advance in Real Estate for the past two years.  She has taken off running and serves as a liaison between builders, homeowner associations and community. Felicia epitomizes honesty and integrity, along with hard work, wherein her sales and customer service stand out among others with tenure. Her foresight and trajectory go well in the future, along with her passion and knowledge, which have proved vital to her success in the Real Estate industry. In addition, she is the Mom to her four awesome children.

1469 (3).jpeg
Rae James


Rae James was born in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and grew up in Washington, DC. As affectionately called, "Ms. Rae" holds a Bachelor's in Education and a Masters in Communications. Through respect of the community, Ms. Rae founded the Collaborative HOA, LLC, a management company that serves homeowners and HOA Board members.

She has developed a 12-week HOA Board training course that is individualized for each community’s Covenants and Bylaws. With a strong sense of fairness and a commitment to life-long learning, Ms. Rae became a Community Association Manager (CAM).  Having Georgia Real Estate certification in tow and under the guidance of Joycelyn Lee, Broker at Georgia Passion Realty, Ms. Rae manages multiple communities with a collaborative approach.  



Tel: 720.839.4836

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